Highly Integrated Silicon TV Tuners Defuse The BOM

Highly Integrated Silicon TV Tuners Defuse The BOM

The latest generation of Silicon Labs’ TV tuners—the Si21x7 family—improve the noise figure (NF) across all bands, return loss for a given NF, and linearity over an extended RF input power range over their predecessors. They also enhance channel selectivity in the presence of terrestrial blocks and in a fully loaded and/or tilted cable spectrum. The tuners’ high integration cuts bill of materials (BOM) costs. For instance, the tuner does away with the external balanced-to-unbalanced transformer (balun) on the RF input without degrading performance. Moreover, all tracking filter inductors are integrated, and built-in high-supply ripple tolerance eliminates the need for inductive power-supply filtering. Also integrated is a power-on reset monitor and optional single 3.3-V power-supply operation. Power consumption is less than 500 mW. Clearer, crisper reception of analog broadcasts is possible thanks to an ultra-low noise floor at the IF output, which boosts the video signal-to-noise ratio at the audio/video SoC’s analog demodulator output.


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