Electronic Design

Hybrid Coupler, Directional Coupler Set Sights On 450-MHz Applications

The Xinger-brand components for 450-MHz applications consist of the 11303-3 90° hybrid coupler and the 11303-20 directional coupler. Both operate over the 380- to 520-MHz range with 450-470 narrowband specs. The new surface-mount hybrid coupler is well suited for splitting and combining signals in high-power amplifiers, for paralleling transistors, or for control circuitry like phase shifters and attenuators. The insertion loss is 0.35 dB max, and minimum isolation is 20 dB. The directional coupler is good for power and frequency detecting and voltage standing-wave ratio monitoring in high-power applications. Insertion loss in 0.3 dB maximum, and directivity is 18 dB minimum. Samples of both devices are available within 24 hours for prototype work.

Anaren Inc.

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