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Hybrid RF Chipset Targets Cordless Phones

Three RF ICs form a chipset that is the basis for 5.8 GHz digital cordless telephones and voice over ISM applications. The ADF7012 VHF/UHF transmitter, ADF7025 ISM band transceiver and the ADF4106 frequency syn?thesizer are the components for a 5.8/0.9 GHz digital cordless phone based on the technique of CVSD (continuously variable slope delta modulation). As an extension of the publicly available radio spectrum, the 5.8-GHz ISM band is relatively free of interference, even in the presence of wireless local-area networks, Bluetooth devices and household appliances. The operating frequency is 5767.104 to 5803.584 MHz for the base transmitter and handset receiver. For the handset transmitter and base receiver, the frequency is 908.8 to 920.2 MHz. The chip set operates full duplex at a bit rate of 64 kB/s using GFSK modulation. Price for the three-chip set is $9.90 each/1,000. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Norwood, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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