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IC Combines 2.4-GHz Radio And GFSK Modem

The SiW1502 IC combines a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver and GFSK modem with digital control functions that meet Bluetooth specifications. Designed to work with the SiW1601 link controller IC or other compatible ICs, the SiW1502 radio modem IC enables the production of Bluetooth wireless communication products and is suitable for all applications requiring a Bluetooth-compliant radio link in a low power consumption implementation. During the receive process, the radio signal is taken from a pair of balanced RF I/Q pins that feed into the low noise amplifier. Direct I/O down conversion and on-chip filtering send the processed I/Q data to the analog-to-digital converter before processing by the GFSK demodulator. Within the demodulator, data detection and timing recovery circuits convert the data for transfer to an external device. The transmitted signal is GFSK modulated data that is amplified on the chip to yield a radiated output of 0 dBm. A power control signal for an external amplifier is included.


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