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IC Houses Passive Optical Networking System

In a 27 mm x 27 mm package, the MPC8340BPON has been unveiled as the industry's first system-on-chip for broadband passive optical networking. The device integrates the company's e300 core (a PowerPC processor core design), a B-PON media access controller, Ethernet MACs, and a clock and data recovery unit. Its core operates at 266 MHz and includes a 32 KB instruction cache and a 32 KB data cache. The processor platform provides a DDR SDRAM memory controller, three 10/100 Ethernet controllers, dual universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter, I2C bus support, SPI, an interrupt controller, GPIO, ATM adaptation layer 5 (AAL5) support, and UTOPIA interfaces. Other features include data rates of 155/622 Mb/s downstream and 155 Mb/s upstream. FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR INC.,Austin, TX. (512) 996-5142


Product URL: Click here for more information

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