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IC Performs Cable Modem And Set-Top Box Broadcast Tasks

Targeting interactive cable set-top box (STB) applications, the CX24430 melds on-chip two high-performance, independent subsystemsÑone for cable modem functionality, the other for STB broadcast service decoding tasksÑto deliver an aggregate 522 MIPS of processing power. Performance is optimized by partitioning tasks between a dedicated 32-bit CPU and a programmable software MAC that provides compliance with worldwide standards, including DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 1.0/1.1.The chipÕs front-end includes a complete upstream/downstream physical layer that is compatible with CableLabs advanced TDMA PHY spec, with the cable-modem section supporting narrow-band interactivity based on DAVIC 1.2 and 1.5, as well as DVS167 and DVS178 specs. The STB decoder section combines all of the circuitry needed to deliver high-quality navigator/user interface for advanced electronic program guides and other interactive applications. Starting price for the 452-pin BGA device is $40 each/100,000. CONEXANT SYSTEMS INC., Newport Beach, CA. (949) 483-7363.


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