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IC Supports Packet Error Checking

Supporting packet error checking per v1.1 of the System Management Bus Specification and predicting remaining battery capacity within 1%, PS331 smart battery IC lets a host device that appends a Packet Error Code (PEC) at the end of each message transfer check the integrity of the data communication. For each read or write bus transaction, an 8-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC-8) is used to calculate a frame check sequence. Only 1 ms is needed for the CRC-8 calculation of a single data byte. The P331 is also capable of communicating with devices that do not implement PEC error correction protocols. The P331 is designed for use with all battery chemistries, and firm supplies all necessary software to easy tailor battery control algorithm parameters and cell performance models to specific applications and the highest fuel gauging accuracy. The P331's integrating, self-calibrating 14-bit A/D ensures precise measurements of current, voltage and temperature to maintain runtime predictions within 1%. The proprietary, self-learning algorithms compensate for self-discharge, temperature, charge/discharge efficiencies and other factors and an automatic zero offset correction compensates for accuracy drift during use.


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