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ICs Set Stage For Debut Of Low-Cost RF Tags/Readers

With a chipset consisting of a radio frequency reader chip and contactless non-volatile memory chip, designers reportedly can build low-cost short-range RF tagging and identification systems. The CRX14 contactless reader conforms to ISO14443 Type B specs and is controlled via a two-wire I2C bus. It operates by generating a signal on an external antenna that provides power and transmits data to an RF tag. In a 16-lead SO16N package, the IC costs $2 each/10K. Complementing the CRX14 is the SRIX4K contactless memory. It packs 4K of EEPROM organized into three areas: a resettable OTP area; an area providing two 32-bit binary counters; and an area holding the main non-volatile memory that is accessible in 32-bit blocks. The part comes in various formats, including wafers, and costs $0.80 each/10K. Both chips also have anti-collision and “anti-clone” authentication capabilities. For more details, contact James Lee at STMICROELECTRONICS INC, Lexington, MA. (781) 402-8592.


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