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IEEE 802.11 Radio Chipset Targets 5-GHz UNII Bands

Based on the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless networks in the 5-GHz UNII bands, the Tondelayo chipset includes a power amplifier and switch module, RF, IF and baseband component chips. The RTPA-5250 power amplifier and switch was developed using a proprietary 0.5 µm GaAs PHEMT process and integrates T/R and antenna-selection switches in addition to the amplifier stages. The chip provides users with the ability to generate the maximum allowable output power for indoor applications in the 5.15- to 5.25-GHz band, while also covering all three UNII bands.
The RTCV-5500 LNA up/down converter and the RTIF-5500 IF converter chips were developed using SiGe technology. These devices provide a receive gain of 73 dB, programmable attenuation of 60 dB, and a transmit attenuation of 7 dB.
The RTB5500 baseband IC, which contains the modem and MAC, was developed using a 0.18-µm CMOS process and provides control signals for AGC, T/R switch selection, antenna diversity, and functions contained in the other members of the chipset. This device is said to be flexible enough to support future generations of broadband wireless devices.
Volume production and delivery of the four-chip set is scheduled for the third quarter of 2001.


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