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IF Gain Trim Amp Is Digitally Controlled

Claiming performance levels 4x higher than competitive solutions, the CLC5506 is a digitally-controlled, 600-MHz high-resolution gain trim amplifier that integrates IF functions into a digitally programmable amplifier that enhances a system's dynamic range. The chip achieves a fine, 0.2-dB step resolution and, with a low noise figure of 4.8dB at 18dB gain and 600-MHz bandwidth, is touted as the only integrated solution that can fully support the requirements of a wide variety of IF applications, such as cellular base stations, wireless local loops, radar and cable modems. The device integrates a low-noise amplifier, a 6-bit programmable attenuator and a MicroWire interface into a single monolithic IC. It operates from a single 5V supply and draws 75 mA. The chip is housed in a 14-pin plastic SOIC.


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