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IF GCA Suited For Use In Cable Modems And Set-Top Boxes

Designed as an IF gain controlled amplifier (GCA) for use in the RF tuner-to-baseband interface of cable modem and cable set-top boxes, the RF3330 chip operates from a 4.75V to 5.25V supply, provides a 26 dB voltage gain range and incorporates a differential design. The gain is set with an analog voltage from 0.5V to 3.3V, with a corresponding linear voltage gain from 8 to 34 dB. Input impedance is set differentially at 2 kiloohms and the output impedance is set to 10W. The IF bandwidth is internally limited to 150 MHz and the device consumes just 18 mA typical. Price is $1.15 each/10,000.


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