Industrial System Monitor Creates Fault-Condition Email/SMS Message Alerts

Industrial System Monitor Creates Fault-Condition Email/SMS Message Alerts

The KDMON system monitor, available from Saelig, observes industrial equipment electrical signals, and can be configured to generate alarms via SMS text message, email (SMTP), or fax (Group 3). Electrical signals observed include analog voltage (‒30 to +30 V), analog current (4 to 20 mA), the presence or absence of data on an RS-485 bus, contents of registers in an RS-485 MODBUS slave device, or a relay contact closure. Developed by KK Systems, the programmable device also can act as a protocol-independent communications monitor, and trigger an alarm upon a specific byte sequence, or lack of bus activity. Alarm conditions and notification options can be configured with a serial configuration port (RS-232 or USB via converter cable) using a supplied Windows-based configuration program and external modem. SMS transmission, which requires an external GSM modem, an industrial or data-capable GSM model, or GSM-supported satellite phone, provides features such as triggering of simulated alarms, resetting alarms, setting the KDMON real-time clock, and other features unavailable with email or fax). Input is designed for standard 4- to 20-mA transducers; an unregulated ‒20-V output powers the transducers. The monitor requires a 7- to 35-V dc, 300-mA power supply.



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