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InfiniBand Switch Chip Provides 32 Channels Configured As Eight 4x Ports

Self titled as the industry's highest performance and highest integration InfiniBand switch chip, the HDMP-2840 contains eight, full-duplex ports, each running at 10 Gb/s. This pans out as 32 channels configured as eight 4x ports.In terms of performance, the chip delivers 160 Gb/s of wire-speed bandwidth. Other features include a 20 KB input buffer for each port, 5 KB output buffer per port, 16 KB of internal memory, and a 512-byte memory for a multi-cast routing table. Sampling now and available in a 400-pin ceramic BGA, the IC costs $600 each/1,000. REDSWITCH INC., Milpitas, CA. (408) 719-4888.


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