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Integrated Synthesizer Enhances Wireless Base Stations

Said to be the first such device to include a 1-GSPS direct digital synthesizer (DDS) and a 10-bit D/A converter, the AD9858 integrated synthesizer is designed for use in wireless infrastructures and military and aerospace radar applications. Integrated functional blocks include a DDS core, 2-GHz RF mixer, 150- MHz phase detector, and a programmable charge pump with proprietary, fast-locking acquisition logic. The device generates frequencies up to greater than 400 MHz when driven at an internal clock speed of 1 GHz. The reference clock can be supplied externally from a source up to 2 GHz via the device's divide-by-two function. The on-chip mixer allows for a variety of synthesizer configurations for generating frequencies in the 1- to 2-GHz range or higher. In addition, configuration is performed by writing data to the chip's digital registers that control all operations. Other features include a programmable full-sleep mode and the ability to operate in either single-tone or frequency-sweeping modes. Price of a 100-lead EPAD-TQFP is $49.50 each/1,000. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Wilmington, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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