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Intellon's HomePlug AV Powerline Selected for Japanese IPTV Services

Sumitomo Electric Industries chose Intellon's HomePlug-based INT6000 IC for in-home distribution of KDDI's IPTV services in Japan. The ICs are used in Sumitomo's G02P1 PLC adapters, which provide connectivity from the broadband access modem to the IPTV set-top-box (STB) using the home’s existing electrical wiring. Based on the HomePlug AV global standard, Intellon's powerline communications ICs enable KDDI subscribers to create an in-home network for their IPTV service. "Intellon is proud to be working with Sumitomo to address Japan's need for simple, secure and reliable whole-house, high-speed connectivity," Bill Casby, vice president of sales for Intellon, said in a statement. "Our HomePlug ICs are being selected by manufacturers and service providers worldwide to meet the technical demands of whole-house IPTV service deployments and media distribution." "We are excited to be providing the first HomePlug AV-based connectivity solution in Japan for managed IPTV services,” Yoshikazu Nishiwaki, general manager for broadband equipment development at Sumitomo, said in a statement.

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