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Interface Speeds LAN Deployment

The ALPOS48 packet-over-SONET switch is designed to enable quick production of 2.5-Gb/s interfaces between LANs and a high-speed, optical network backbone. A complete packet-over-sonet interface can be developed using the device and the company's AL1022 dual-port Gigabit Ethernet switch chip. Using the 12.8-Gb/s RoX-II bus interface, the devices combine multiple 1.25-Gb/s Ethernet data channels or multiple 10/100-Mb/s Ethernet data channels into OC-3 to OC-48 data channels. The solution is said to provide a high-speed switching capability that can be integrated into chassis-based, network interface systems used to connect Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet work-group and campus LANs to high-speed optical networks.

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