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Interface Transceiver Adds Line-Code Violation Detector

This new line interface transceiver IC for E3, DS3 and STS-1 applications operates at both 3.3V and 5V power supply voltages. It consumes less than 110 mA of supply current. Designated the 78P2241B, the IC adds a line-code violation detector to its feature set—the detector circuitry made its first appearance in the firm's 78P2241 transceiver, which was released in 1999. The new device also features a clock recovery and transmitter pulse shaping function for applications using 75 ohm coaxial cable at distances up to 1,100 feet and speeds up to 51.84 Mbps. The receiver recovers clock and data from a B3ZS or HDB3 coded AMI signal. It can compensate for over 12 dB of cable and 6 dB of flat loss. The transmitter generates a signal that meets ANSI T1.102-1993 and ITU-T G.703 pulse shape specifications. The 78P2242B interface transceiver is available in 28-lead PLCC or 48-lead TQFP packages, each priced at $31 each/10,000.


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