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Internal Mini-PCI Antenna Doubles Range

Internal mini-PCI cards for notebook computers and other mobile devices can take advantage of a new diversity antenna module. The DualNet MPCI antenna module consists of two multiband antennas supporting 802.11a and b networks. Together, the antennas deliver up to twice the range of existing internal antenna systems. With isolation greater than 15 dB, the antenna module provides improved sensitivity in low-signal environments. It's built on Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) technology: IMD antennas use "shaping technology" to control and redirect the near-field electromagnetic distribution of the antenna's wave, while minimizing interaction with surrounding objects and components. This technology improves signal strength and data quality inside buildings, in noisy environments, and in fringe network coverage areas. Operating on the 2.400- to 2.485-GHz and 5.150- to 5.825-GHz frequency bands, the module ensures cross-compatibility between the widely deployed 802.11b protocol and the faster 802.11a protocol. Equipped with its own ground plane and standard connector cables, the antenna pair can be easily mounted inside a notebook or portable device with minimal interaction with the host system. The DualNet MPCI module costs $9.95.

Ethertronics; (858) 550-3820

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