Internet-On-A-Chip Adds Wi-Fi To Any IoT App

Internet-On-A-Chip Adds Wi-Fi To Any IoT App

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 and CC3200 platforms offer an easier path toward adding embedded Wi-Fi and Internet to home, industrial, and consumer electronics. No Wi-Fi experience is necessary thanks to an embedded TCP/IP stack and Wi-Fi driver that’s transparent to the user. Both low-power platforms feature an 802.11 b/g/n station and access point, and roles with fully integrated radio, baseband, and MAC. The CC3100’s embedded network processor, including RF reference design, makes it possible to use any microcontroller (MCU). The CC3200 single-chip Wi-Fi MCU incorporates a Wi-Fi network processor plus ARM Cortex-M4 MCU, as well as an RF reference design. Internet protocols for both—mDNS, DNS, SSL/TLS + Web server (HTTP) facilitate implementation of IP applications (e.g., service discovery, e-mail, instant messaging, and security). An embedded hardware crypto engine for TLS/SSL Internet security enables a TLS secure link in less than 200 ms. The platforms come in 9- by 9-mm QFN packages.


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