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Internet Security Chips Protect Networks At Gb/s Data Rates

Claiming to provide security within public and private networks at gigabit per second and greater rates, the Packet Armor and Socket Armor families of Internet security processors are based on a patent-pending architecture capable of encrypting/decrypting up to 10 million packets per second. Both families include devices that cover IPSec and SSL security themes.
The Packet Armor family includes a streaming encryption device for full-duplex OC-48c and half-duplex OC-192 with support for the IPSec standard. For SSL applications, the Socket Armor family incorporates the company's encryption and modulo engines for data rates from OC-3 to 1 GB/s.
In addition, both families are compatible with PCI, PL3 and PL4 I/O standards. Samples will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. In super BGA packages, prices range from $250 to $350 each/1,000.


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