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IP Co-Processors Support Up To OC-768 Wire-Speed Operation

Designed to enable deep packet classification and packet forwarding in network systems, a new family of IP co-processors have been developed that supports up to OC-768 wire-speed operation. The family includes a 64K x 72 binary device and 32K x 72, 64K x 72 and 128K x 72 full ternary devices. Integrating content addressable memory (CAM) technology with high-performance logic, the best of these IP co-processors reportedly can perform up to 100 million table lookups per second.
Through a flexible search width, users can configure x72, x144 or x288 devices. The co-processors support quality of service (QoS) and class of service (CoS) and provide policy-based routing, content-aware switching, load balancing, security and traffic shaping. The devices also support IPv4 and IPv6 standards, which allows for the extension of IP addresses up to 128 bits. Available now are the 66-MHz, 32K x 72 full-ternary IP co-processor for $95 each/100,000 and the 64K x 72 binary version for $110 each.


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