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IP Implements Long-Range Wireless Data Transmission

In the Lora semiconductor IP, designers will find a technology that brings extended range to wireless data transmission. Lora allows robust long-range wireless communications at very low power. Targeting machine-to-machine (M2M), automatic meter reading (AMR) and handsets to devices markets, Lora addresses the needs of chip designers willing to differentiate from products based on 2.4-GHz (Bluetooth and/or Zigbee) or GSM technologies by overcoming poor range (10 to 30 meters) or excessive emission power. Available as a low power digital IP block, Lora codes/decodes data to be transmitted and controls the radio. There is no need to re-design RF and analog sections of existing systems; Lora can typically be inserted in the digital portion (the baseband processor) of a standard radio chip. Lora fits in any existing architecture and protocol and comprises less than 50,000 gates. Other features include extreme robustness to interference (wide band), latency of less than 2 ms, and ultra low-power transmission. Lora is available now as Verilog code and comes with documentation and support. CYCLEO, Saint Ismier, France. +33 (0)674 45 52 68.

Company: CYCLEO

Product URL: Click here for more information

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