Wireless Systems Design

Kit Gives Non-PC Devices Wireless Connectivity

With devices of all kinds going wireless, designers have been looking for ways to simplify, customize, and speed the time-to-market for new products. The IP2022 Advanced Wireless Kit from Ubicom, Inc. was designed to enable the rapid integration of full-featured, inexpensive wireless connectivity into a broad range of electronic devices. It promises to help designers of any standalone electronic device—from printers to VoIP phones, consumer appliances, industrial equipment, and network-infrastructure equipment—to quickly embed 802.11b wireless connectivity. At a fraction of the cost, this step is predicted to take only a few days compared to an average of six months with other solutions.

The IP2022 Advanced Wireless Kit includes all of the hardware and software needed to add wireless and wired connectivity to electronic devices. Two of its development tools are the User Interface (UI) Generator and Elf editor, which edits firmware directly. With these tools, designers can customize products with the click of a button. They avoid manual and iterative software-design processes, as well as the need for specialized networking-protocol or other expertise.

The kit also will help developers of 802.11b access points and bridges to develop customized products around one single processor platform. The IP2022 enables infrastructure-equipment manufacturers to incorporate security features like AES and MD5, as well as management protocols like SNMP and routing protocols such as PPPoE.

In addition to the UI Generator and Elf Editor, the kit features Sample Projects, Test Utilities, and the Manufacturing Test Program. The IP2022 Advanced Wireless Kit is available for $9995. That price includes a single-seat license for the software delivered in Ubicom's IP2022 Universal Device Networking Kit.

Ubicom, Inc.
635 Clyde Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043-2213; (650) 210-1500, FAX: (650) 210-8715, www.ubicom.com.

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