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LAN Chipsets Service 5 GHz Wireless Clients And Access Points

Said to provide a complete end-to-end wireless LAN solution for cost-effective 5GHz clients and access points, the RN5200 Wi-Fi5 (802.11a) family of LAN chipsets incorporates the companyÕs True Zero-IF 5GHz CMOS radio, flexible MAC, access point on a chip (APoC) architecture, and AccuChannel equalization technology. IEEE 802.11i compliant security features are also integrated into the chipsets. Both the RN5200 client and access-point (AP) sets consist of two chips: a radio frequency chip and a baseband/MAC IC, each built on a 0.18-µm, 1.8V CMOS process. The AP chipset combines the RN5200R radio and the RN5200P baseband/MAC IC, and the client chipset pairs the RN5200R radio and RN5200C baseband/MAC IC. Both chipsets are 802.11a compliant and support the 5.15 to 5.35 GHz UNII bands and data rates up to 54 Mb/s. Samples of both chipsets will be available this quarter with volume production scheduled for mid-year. The RN5200 client and AP chipsets are priced at $35 and $45, respectively, each/100,000. RESONEXT COMMUNICATIONS INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 392-7047.


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