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Laser Diode Drivers Extend Dual-Loop Capability To 3.3V Applications

Two dual-loop, laser-diode drivers, ADN2847 and ADN2848, operate on 3V to 3.6V supplies, bringing dual-loop capability to 3.3V systems. Pin-compatible with each other, the ADN2847 targets 50 to 622 Mb/s rates and the ADN2848 operates at 50 Mb/s to 3.3 Gb/s. Both devices provide modulation currents up to 80 mA and bias currents down to 100 mA. Other features include laser-fail and degrade alarms, ALS, and bias- and modulation-current monitors. Prices are $23 (ADN2847) and $11.25 (ADN2847) each/1,000. ANALOG DEVICES INC., Wilmington, MA. (781) 937-1428.


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