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Laser Modulator/Driver Seeks 80 km Optical Network Spans

Announced as the industryÕs first 10 Gb/s, electroabsorptive modulated laser (EML) and driver module for optical network transmissions up to 80 km, the E2681 series combines a continuous-wave laser with an electroabsorptive modulator on a single chip. Transmission distance is said to be achieved via an integral driver IC. Integrating the laser driver device with the EML allegedly optimizes RF performance by shortening the distance between the driver and the modulator. The module features a 10 dB or greater RF extinction ratio that measures the difference in power when the laser is modulated on or off. Dispersion penalty is stated as less than 2 dB over 80 km of single-mode fiber cable. Input voltage ranges from 0.5 to 1 Vp-p and wavelength is selectable to ITU-T standards. For more details and price, call AGERE SYSTEMS, Allentown, PA. (800) 553-2448.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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