Electronic Design

Learning CDs Offer Alternative For Continuing Education

So, how do you get the lowdown on subjects you need to know to stay up to date in your field? Articles from Electronic Design and other magazines and books are the most likely sources. A good Web search will bring results. But another alternative comes via Noble Publishing: a series of short self-instruction courses on CD-ROM for engineers.

Initially, Noble is offering "Filter Design by Transmission Zeros," "Lumped-Element Transforms," "Q from A to Z," "Introduction to Antenna Fundamentals" and "Theory and Practice of Transmission Line Transformers." Each provides several hours of instruction, with audio, slide shows, and practice exams. Other courses are under development. All you need is a PC with Apple QuickTime, Adobe Acrobat, and a sound card. The cost of these courses ranges from $79 to $99, depending upon the topic. Most multimedia learning modules like this usually sell for hundreds of dollars or more.

Noble also publishes technical books primarily on RF- and wireless-related subjects. Check out all of the titles and prices at www.noblepub.com.

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