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Linear InGaAs Array Performs Telecomm Optical-Power Monitoring

Designed for the requirements of telecommunications optical-power monitoring, the ISC0007-GX InGaAs 512 x1, linear focal plane array is compatible with S, C, and L band applications, as well as for channel and OSNR monitoring in DWDM systems. The device is built around a proprietary, full-custom readout integrated circuit and is fabricated using an advanced bump-bonding technique that that is said to eliminate all wire bonds between the detector and readout device.The array operates in the 900 nm to 1,700 nm range with 512 pixels configurable as a 25 µm pixel pitch 512 array or 50 µm pixel pitch 256 array. Additional features include saturation control, low channel-to-channel crosstalk, adjustable integration time and capacitance, and elimination of dark current effects. Pixel output rate is >2.5 MHz with


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