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LNB Controllers Suit Next Gen DBS Apps

LNB Controllers Suit Next Gen DBS Apps

The company’s latest family of low noise block (LNB) controllers for direct broadcast satellite (DBS) applications features smaller packaging, lower operating voltages, and higher levels of accuracy than previous generations. Six added devices use less than 1% of total LNB current in some cases. The ZNBG3118 provides bias control and protection for up three GaAs and HEMT FET amplifiers and integrates a voltage detector for LNB polarization channel selection and a tone detector for local oscillator selection. The low-power ZABG4002 and ZABG6002 fixed-bias controllers handle four and six stage FET low noise amplifiers, respectively, providing each FET with an independent, protected negative gate voltage and positive drain voltage with user programmable drain current selectable from 0 to 15 mA. Offering a choice of high and standard accuracy polarization voltage detection, the ZLNB2015 and ZLNB2016 dual voltage and tone detectors are optimized for low supply currents and wide operating voltages. Lastly, the ZLNB254 is a dual channel DiSEqC interface for LNBs and satellite distribution systems. It provides two DiSEqC detectors, which convert the DiSEqC signals into logic level representations. Prices for the ZNBG3118, ZABG4002, ZABG6002, ZLNB2015, ZLNB2016, and ZLNB254 are $0.62, $0.57, $0.63, $0.69, $0.57, and $0.55 each/10,000, respectively. DIODES INC., Westlake Village, CA. (805) 446-4800.
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