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Low-Cost Hybrids Tackle RF Amplification And Buffering Assignments

Claimed to be ideal for a wide variety of RF amplification and buffering applications, including extending the range of the company's RF modules, the BBA series of broadband amplifier modules are housed in a tiny SMD package and require no external RF components. The modules incorporate a GAHBT gain stage, and their I/Os are pre-matched to 50 ohms to ease integration. Of the two models available, the BBA-320 is a 3V device featuring dc to3-GHz operation with a small-signal gain of 20 dB, an output power up to +11 dBm, and a noise figure of less than 3.9 dB. The BBA-516 is a high-power, 5V device operating from dc to 4 GHz and offering gain of up to 16 dB and output power up to +18 dBm. The hybrids cost $10.80 each/1000.


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