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Low-Cost ICs Target Internet Set Top Box and iDVD Apps

Two ICs targeting the Internet set top box market and the Internet DVD market claim to provide features and performance similar to x86-based chipsets at one-third of the cost. Both ICs incorporate features such as broadband Ethernet and hard drive support as well as picture-in-picture technology for interactive TV applications.
The LS808 (set top box) and LS588 (Internet DVD, see block diagram at right) feature a unique dual RISC architecture and an internal digital signal processor that offer a level of performance similar to an x86 processor. Not only are do these processors cost less than current IC solutions, but the high level of integration is expected to significantly lower system cost. Although these semiconductors target broadband markets, the LS808 and LS588 include a 56K V.90 software-based modem for Internet connectivity through an analog phone line. Manufacturers then have the choice of embedded Internet browsers and email applications from three different partner companies.
According to the company, the system-on-chip architecture and versatility of design allows manufacturers to utilize the LS808 and LS588 for a myriad of applications including Internet DVD, interactive TV and T-commerce, Internet TV, video-on-demand through Ethernet or DSL boroadband formats, and even digital video recorders. In sample quantities, the LS808 is priced at $20 and the LS588 is priced at $22. Reference designs are also available for both products.


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