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Low-Cost RFIC Driver Amps Meet High-Volume Needs

A trio of low-cost driver amplifiers-Models CMM2305, CMM2307 and CMM2311-are priced to meet the high-volume manufacturing requirements for wireless communications. The devices support various protocols such as cellular, PCS, GSM and W-CDMA and applications such as handsets, basestations, repeaters, pole-top transceivers and wireless local loop. All three devices offer high gain, are fully matched and come assembled in miniature industry-standard MSOP-SMT packages. Models CMM2305 and CMM2311 operate in the 800-to-2700-MHz frequency band, while Model CMM2307 operates in the 1.8-to-1.9-GHz frequency band. Model CMM2305 performance features include: 20 dB gain, P1 dB of 17 dBm and operates from a supply voltage of 3V to 5V; Model CMM2307 offers 22 dB gain, P1 dB of 17 dBm and also operates from a supply voltage of 3V to 5V; and CMM2311 offers gain of 19 dB, gain control of 35 dBm p1 dB of 16 dBm and operates from a supply of 3V.


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