Electronic Design

Low-Cost Wireless Components Simplify Data Acquisition

The Xecom RF XE 900 Smart Transceiver coupled with the XE 924 base-access point cost-effectively links up to eight microcontroller-based embedded systems to a central data-collection point using a modem connection to the telephone line. The system operates in the industrial, scientific, medical band (902 to 928 MHz) for distances up to 150 feet indoors. The XE 900 consists of a wireless transmitter/receiver and a wireless microcontroller with user-customizable flash memory and proprietary Xecom software. Built-in intelligence accepts commands from the application host to control communications. The software packetizes data, provides error correction, and ensures collision avoidance. The XE 924 has a microcontroller, wireless transmitter/receiver, and Xecom's tiny XE 2420 SMT modem. Both the XE 900 and XE 924 operate from 5 V. Each measures 2.75 by 1.38 by 0.55 in. In OEM quantities, the XE 900 costs $39 and the XE 924 costs $59.

Xecom Inc.
www.xecom.com; (408) 945-6640

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