Low-Energy Bluetooth Smart Module Enriches App Flexibility

Low-Energy Bluetooth Smart Module Enriches App Flexibility

LS Research addresses low-power Bluetooth Smart connectivity with its TiWi-uB1 module, which is designed for use in a wide range of applications. The device offers multiple configuration options. Its single-chip configuration allows applications to run on the built-in CC2541 Bluetooth low-energy system-on-a-chip (SoC) from Texas Instruments (TI). It also can be configured with a network processor interface for apps running on an external microcontroller. An integrated Hybrid trace antenna maximizes range performance. The overall package measures 11.6 by 17.3 by 2.3 mm. Operating temperature ranges from −40 to +85°C. Output power is 0 dBm. The module consumes a mere 12.6 mA in transmit mode and 15.7 mA in receive modes. As a result, it will find homes in body-worn medical sensors, sports and fitness sensors, remote controls, and any other application that requires connectivity to a smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth Smart devices. Evaluation/development kits (with iPhone connectivity) connect directly to SmartRF05EB platform, TI’s MSP430, or Tiva C Series MCU boards.


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