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Low-Noise RF Transistors Enter Smaller Housing

By repackaging earlier versions of its MRF9411, MRF9511 and MRF5711 silicon NPN RF transistors into SC-90 micro-miniature surface-mount packages, the new MRF949, MRF959 and MRF579 devices are said to have a 42% smaller footprint area. The low-noise, silicon NPN transistors are fully ion-implanted with gold metallization and nitride passivation. These process features ensure maximum reliability, performance and device-to-device uniformity, it's claimed. The MRF949, 959, and 579 have maximum collector currents of 50 mA, 100 mA, and 80 mA, respectively. The high gain and low noise specs of these RF discrete transistors make them well-suited for low-voltage, portable wireless applications. Samples are available.


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