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Low Power Crosspoint Switches Eliminate The Effects Of ISI

The VSCxxx crosspoint switches have been designed with integrated signal equalization capability to eliminate the effects of inter-symbol interference (ISI) that can occur in applications that use long, narrow PCB traces to route incoming signals, such as closed-switch fabrics used in digital cross-connect systems. To further enhance system level application, the VSC837 (68x68) and VSC838 (36x36) provide ISA monitoring for in-system diagnostics. The 3.2-Gb/s crosspoint switches are a consideration for designers of high speed systems, such as SONET/SDH DWDM, SAN switches, HDTV/SDTV serial routing and master control switchers, and automatic test equipment. The VSC837 provides a multi-mode programming interface that allows programming commands to be sent as serial-, parallel- or burst-mode data. The VSC838's multi-mode programming interface allows programming commands to be sent as serial or parallel data. Both products are available in a 37.5 mm, 480 TBGA package. The VSC837 is priced at $769 and the the VSC838 is priced at $325, each/1,000.


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