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Low-Power Short-Range Radio IC Simplifies Product Wireless

Adding wireless capability has never been easier with RFM’s TRC105 transceiver, which covers from 300 to 510 MHz. It is ideal for enabling two-way wireless communications in a wide range of applications, including automated meter reading (AMR), medical, home and industrial automation, security systems, two-way remote keyless entry (RKE), automobile immobilizers, asset tracking systems, sports and recreation equipment, low-power two-way telemetry systems, wireless toys, and controlled entry/access.

The TRC105 is similar to RFM’s TRC103, but with a new frequency range and added benefits. These chips use on-off keying (OOK) AM or frequency shift keying (FSK) and are frequency-hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS) capable. The TRC105 operates across the full 300- to 510-MHz range. Development kits are available in eight frequency bands: 303 to 307 MHz, 310 to 319 MHz, 342 to 348 MHz, 365 to 381 MHz, 382 to 398 MHz, 402 to 407 MHz, 416 to 436 MHz, and 447 to 451 MHz. The TRC103 is available in 863 to 870 MHz (ETSI), 902 to 928 MHz (FCC), and 950 to 960 MHz (Japan).

Also, the TRC105 multi-channel design is FCC and ETSI certifiable. It integrates all critical RF and base-band functions, minimizing external component count and simplifying and speeding design. A microcontroller, an RF surface acoustic-wave (SAW) filter, a 12.8-MHz crystal, and a few passive components are all that’s needed to create a complete radio. An incorporated set of low-power states reduces current consumption and extends battery life.

The TRC105 also features low current consumption in receive mode. Receiver current is 3.5 mA typical and can be reduced as low as 2.7 mA. Additionally, the TRC105 offers excellent receiver sensitivity at –112 dBm typical (FSK) and programmable transmit power up to +13 dBm.

The TRC105 comes in a plastic, 32-pin, 5- by 5-mm, TQFN package. Pricing starts at $2.23 each at a minimum of 3000 units. Volume discounts are available. TRC105 developer kits cost $280 (see the figure).


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