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Low-Power Transceiver and Receiver Fill ISM-Band Requirements

The SX1212 UHF transceiver and SX1213 UHF receiver, both targeted at the 300-to-510-MHz ISM band, claim the industry’s lowest receive current consumption. The SX1212 is a single-chip transceiver that consumes just 2.5 mA (typical) in receive mode, while the SX1213 is a single-chip receiver for the same frequency range and with the same low receive current level. Both devices are designed for wireless alarm, security, sensors network in home automation and automated meter reading applications. Such low-current receive operation means these ICs enable designers to increase the operating cycle of the radios in their designs, which reduces latency and improves response time. These elements are critical in security applications where a reduced operating cycle can mean missed alarm events. The SX1212 and SX1213 are fully regulated to deliver a consistent RF range as the battery voltage decreases over time. Both devices incorporate a baseband modem with data rates up to 200 Kbit/s. Data handling features include a 64-byte FIFO, packet handling, automatic CRC generation and data whitening. All major RF communication parameters are programmable and most of them may be dynamically set. The SX1212 and SX1213 are available now and cost $1.89 each in lots of 3000. SEMTECH CORP., Camarillo, CA. (805) 498-2111.


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