Wireless Systems Design

Low-Power W-Fi Chip Targets Embedded Applications

With Wi-Fi being embedded into to more products, there is a great need for a very low power transceiver chip. The Conexant CX53121 is just that chip. This third generation 802.11b/g transceiver is designed for battery powered handheld products with embedded wireless networking capabilities such as cell phones, smart phones, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) handsets, cameras, MP3 players, games and GPS radios. The CX53121 integrates the complete transceiver and power management into 68 mm2 package. The transceiver delivers up to 19.5 dBm output power and the receiver sensitivity is better than -90 dBm. This radio has been optimized for cellular coexistence for all of the legacy cellular bands and GPS as well as the newer cellular bands. The chip also has a secure digital input output (SDIO) port and an serial peripheral interface (SPI). The device is made with 90 nm CMOS. Production volume is expected in the forth quarter.


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