Low-Profile 3-dB 90° Hybrid Couplers Boast High Q

Low-Profile 3-dB 90° Hybrid Couplers Boast High Q

AVX expanded its thin-film directional coupler family with developed two wideband, 3-dB, 90° hybrid couplers: a 2100-MHz device for 1.5- to 2.1-GHz performance and a 2700-MHz device for 2.1- to 2.7-GHz performance. They come in low-profile (1.0-mm) packaging for mobile devices.

The new PC series of couplers, based on the company’s MLO technology, enables the integration of high Q passives in low-cost, high-density interconnect components.

The couplers meet JEDEC and military-standard isolation and reliability requirements. Expansion matched to printed-circuit boards and supplied in surface-mount, 2025-size land-grid-array (LGA) packaging, the multifunctional couplers also exhibit low parasitics, as well as enhanced heat dissipation and solderability.

PC series hybrid couplers are rated for 30-W maximum power handling and operating temperatures spanning ‒55°C to +85°C. The 6.35- by 5.08- by 1.0-mm devices come with RoHS-compliant nickel-tin or immersion gold terminations, both of which are compatible with all automatic soldering technologies.

Applications include attenuators, phase shifters, LNAs, balance amplifiers, and signal distribution equipment used for mobile communications such as cellular phones, GPS, and wireless LANs.


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