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Magnetic Induction ASIC Enables Low- Power Wireless Devices

llcondenseddatasheet.pdf Employing the company’s patented magnetic induction technology for near-field wireless voice and data communication, the LibertyLink system on chip (SoC) ASIC utilizes GMSK modulation over a quasi-static magnetic field at 13.56 MHz. Operating from a 2V source, the device nominally draws 10 mA at 1m operating in continuous full-duplex mode and 150 µA in standby mode over a temperature range of -20ºC to +70ºC. In addition to lower power levels, the magnetic induction technology is said to communicate in a contained envelope around each user to provide a high degree of security and frequency reuse. According to the company, the system is not prone to the nulls, fading, and interference from other RF devices. Other features of the ASIC include data rates up to 204.8 Kb/s in the 1m to 3m range depending on the antenna and power requirements. Available in a 48-pin, 7 mm x 7 mm LQFP, pricing is $5.50/1M. AURA COMMUNICATIONS, Wilmington, MA. (978) 988-0088.


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