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Managed Fast, Giga Ethernet Switch Handles 30 Channels

The ComEth3300b is a highly integrated 6u/VME Layer 2+ Fast and Giga managed Ethernet switch that's particularly suited for air- and conduction-cooled systems. The switch provides up to 30 Ethernet channels: 24 Fast Ethernet ports routed on the rear P2 connector and six Giga Ethernet ports, four on the rear P0 connector and two on the front panel with copper (RJ45) or fiber (MTRJ) interfaces (see the figure). In the dual configuration, the Gigabit transceivers automatically select the media (copper or fiber) according to activity. Depending on the selected fiber transceiver, the ComEth3300b provides an SX or LX interface. The ComEth3300b supersedes the ComEth3300 but is fully compatible with it. The new switch has more Giga Ethernet ports and adds some L2 enhanced functions like port aggregation and traffic rate shaping.

An ultra-low-power design and thermal monitoring make integration easier. The switch's auto-crossover, auto-polarity, auto-negotiation, and automatic MAC address management capabilities make it a true plug-and-play layer 2 device. The Enhanced Switchware package provides additional layer 3 routing functions, allowing local IP forwarding (IPv4/IPv6), static and dynamic protocols (RIP, OSPF) routing, proxy-ARP, and DHCP-relay. These L3 functions are usable through a CLI interface.


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