MCH Transforms MicroTCA-Based System Capabilities

MCH Transforms MicroTCA-Based System Capabilities

With a 40-Gigabit Ethernet (40-GbE) option, synchronous Ethernet, and advanced clocking/GPS capability, VadaTech’s third-generation UTC004 MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) offer features that can bring a transformative boost to MicroTCA-based solutions. The 40-GbE option delivers four times the performance of current 10-GbE solutions. Also included are third-generation PCIe Gen 3, second-generation SRIO, and a crossbar-switch (CBS) option. The CBS enables use of any fabric, even custom solutions. Advanced clocking/synchronization offers flexible master/slave clock and time synchronization to multiple clocking standards, such as GPS, IEEE1588 (PTP), SyncE, and NTP. The MCH bridges these standards together to provide “Grand Master Clock” capability to the attached chassis network. Integration of a low-latency, low-jitter, low-skew M-LVDS clock matrix targets backplane and front-panel clocking. Along with a management Ethernet RJ45 port, there’s a base channel Ethernet fabric with two front-panel 10GBase-T RJ45 ports for 20-Gbit combined uplink bandwidth. A JTAG virtual probe allows for remote attaching of a dongle to the physical chassis for programming or debugging.


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