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Media Gateways Become Complete Solutions

Octasic Inc. has added MEGACO (Media Gateway Controller) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) stacks by Radvision to its OCT9320 and OCT9360 series PTMC (PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card) media gateway modules. Inclusion of the stacks makes the two modules complete solutions. They can now perform all the voice processing and packet signaling required for media gateways in a ready-to-deploy format. Octasic's integration of the stacks into its gateway hardware greatly simplifies the design engineer's task, according to the company.

The OCT9320 and OCT9360 series modules offer gateway-grade echo cancellation and voice-quality enhancement features for G.711 media gateway hardware designs of up to 1008 channels. Additionally, the OCT9360 modules provide processing for low-bit-rate codecs like G.729, G.723.1, and T.38 (fax relay).


Contact Octasic for availability information on the OCT9320 and OCT9360. The Radvision MEGACO and SIP stacks are available for licensing from Radvision.


Contact the companies for pricing information.


Visit www.octasic.com and www.radvision.com.

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