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Medium Power Amps Fit Millimeter Wave Uses

Covering the 19 to 41 GHz frequency band, TGA1073A, B, C and G power PHEMT GaAs power amplifier MMICs offer low distortion and small physical size per watt of output. Applications for the devices include: point-to-point microwave radios in the 23, 26, 30 and 38 GHz bands; point-to-multi-point microwave radios in the 23 and 38 GHz bands; Local Multipoint Distribution Systems in the 27 to 32 GHz bands; 40 to 42 GHz Microwave Video Distribution Systems for Europe; and Internet-in-the-Sky satellite systems in the Ka-band of 19 and 29 GHz. The chips are said to let OEMs aggressively target emerging millimeter wave-based wireless communications systems. The A device is a three-stage amplifier that provides 300 mW output power and 19 dB of small signal gain; B offers 700 mW output power with 25 dB of small signal gain; C offers 400 mW output power with 16 dB of small signal gain; and G provides 300 mW of output power with 22 dB of small signal gain.


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