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Metal-Shell Industrial Ethernet Connectors Withstand The Harshest Environments

Its ruggedness enables the IP67-rated metal-shell ODVA-compliant connector from Tyco Electronics to support industrial Ethernet in the most rugged environments. A Zamak zinc-alloy metal shell provides mechanical strength, while the IP67 sealing protects the interface from liquids, gases, and other contaminants. The 8-position connectors meet Category 5e performance requirements, and are available in plugs or receptacles, either shielded or unshielded. End caps protect unmated connectors. The quick-turn bayonet coupling and positive locking ring, which meet the requirement of IEC 61076-3-106 Variant 1, help provide reliable connections under the harshest conditions. The HBT sealing gaskets are UV resistant. Operating temperature range is from -40°C to +85°C. The metal-shell are particularly suited to applications requiring extra mechanical and environmental robustness, including industrial machinery, diagnostic equipment, communications equipment, outdoor signs, and theatrical audio/visual equipment for live outdoor events. Standard-length cable assemblies are also available. TYCO ELECTRONICS LTD., Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.



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