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Microwave Antenna Dishes Out More Performance In 6- To 8-GHz Apps

The HP8 microwave antenna comes equipped with a parabolic dish measuring eight feet in diameter, suiting it for point-to-point and back-haul applications from 6 to 8 GHz. Developed by Radio Waves Inc., a division of Smiths Interconnect, it produces an extremely narrow beam width that greatly minimizes side lobe interference in links operating in areas of heavy usage.

The HP8 features hybrid-Cassegrain feed with inherent dual-polarization capability through its circular wave guide. An orthogonal mode transfer (OMT) device added to the feed can be rotated easily to determine the polarization. Other key specs include a typical gain of 45 dBi, a 1° beam-width, and a front-to-back ratio of 70 dB. The 50-(omega) feed point impedance has a typical 1.3 to 1 voltage standing-wave ratio.

Radio Waves makes a complete line of microwave antennas for most applications. The HP8, available in four to six weeks, is list-priced at $8990.

Radio Waves Inc.

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