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MMIC Downconverter Suits 2.5 GHz Digital Wireless Apps

Designed for 2.4 GHz ISM band applications where low-cost and high volume manufacture are primary concerns, Model C2304 fully integrated GaAs MMIC RF IC downconverter applications include MMDS downconverters, wireless bridges, campus connections, and in-building data links. Packaged in a SOIC-14, each internal sub-circuit is brought out on individual pins to allow custom filtering on the IF/RF mixer interstage or custom matching for specific bands. Additionally, broadband parallel feedback networks are used on the gain and LO driver stages and the mixer is singly balanced. This combination lets designers operate the device over a much wider frequency band than specified. Electrical specs include 26 dB gain, 4 dB noise, 5V supply, 27 dBm output IP3 and comes with separate RF amplifier, mixer/LO amplifier and IF amp cells.


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