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MMIC Mixer Carries LO Amplifier

In reducing the local-oscillator drive level to as little as -5 dBm, the MD57-0001 MMIC mixer with LO amplifier is a good candidate for low-power portable designs. The mixer is intended for applications such as frequency up/down conversion and IQ modulation in digital receivers and transmitters. It can be combined with the company's low-noise amplifier to form a complete high-linearity down-converter.The mixer's design also allows for wider VCO output power specification tolerances, and its high isolation prevents the LO signal from feeding through the RF port, thus suppressing unwanted broadcast signals. The mixer is 100% RF tested to ensure superior performance and specification compliance. It's fabricated on a 0.5-µm, low-noise, GaAs MESFET process.

Company: M/A-COM - Division of AMP INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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