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MMIC Power Amplifier Supports Millimeter-Wave Applications

Point-to-point digital radio, LMDS/LCMS transmitters, and Ka-Band satellites and ground terminals are just some of the millimeter-wave applications open to the TGA9070, a 23-to-29-GHz, pHEMT MMIC power amplifier. The chip provides more than 1W of output power over its frequency range with typical power-added efficiency of 35%. It also provides 24 dB of typical small-signal gain and operates from +7V bias.The three-stage amplifier consists of one 400-µm device, which drives two 600-µm devices, which in turn drive four 600-µm devices in the output stage. The device is capable of providing more than a watt of output when biased at +7V, 400 mA. In a balanced configuration, 1.8W of output power is achievable.


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